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War Boy

Wrinkles betray his young interior

Never considered himself inferior

Born on bomb site sought to achieve

His parents taught him to believe

Youngster fed on wartime rations

Dad fighting for political passions

Mom at home trying her best

To keep her nerve and babe at breast

In time met a girl to share his life

Fifty years and forever his wife

Children born grandkids followed

Watched her body in earth swallowed

Stood firm as his whole world changed

Suffered silently life rearranged

Aches and pains the body suffered

Brain changes the worst; thoughts buffered

Suburban house sold and care provided

Life in the present and past divided

Memories only of earlier days

In his head a stick sword he sways

Building a fortress fighting a war

Walking the plank with pirates galore

Playing with mates in makeshift dens

Mental games

through a cerebral lens

Fiona Keogh ©

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